Plan B

Thanks lorenelivinglifelavishly and rosemawrites on your picks on where to hang-out and be all cool and stuff in the Philippines.

thekyrahbanks and Miguel you do realise you’ve upset the voting poll by casually throwing in some other destinations and now I have to go to Plan B to decide where to go.

No? I hear you say?

Well you did; and now I’m going to have to go all Martha Stewart on you.

Plan B, will require –

  • Dart board and darts
  • Paper and scissors
    (no we are not going to play rock, paper, scissors to settle this!)
  • Destination names AND comment names
  • Beer/s

Next week … We play, “‘The trip list’ gets decided on a dartboard” game.

In the meantime, have a top weekend peeps and I hope the below quote rings true for many of you.

Keep on planning!

Plan B


2 responses to “Plan B

    • Thanks for the link Silver! I’ll check this out at work … I mean at home … nah, who am I kidding, travel planning waits for no one. I’ll check this out now … at work … 😉


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