So, you took up my challenge and put forward destinations on where I should stay and surf in the Philippines. Well, I thank you for those fine suggestions. Those places were stuck to my dartboard, and with darts in hand, I took up the Dartboard trip list challenge.

Thought I’d spice it up a bit and do the challenge at work. I had to negotiate with my boss however on some of the essential items required for this challenge which I wasn’t too happy about compromising. He was totally okay with darts being thrown in the office but it was a firm ‘no’ to also have a beer in hand while throwing those darts. Totally understandable I thought. Nothing worse than spilling your cold, delectable ale on new office carpet; that would be such a waste.

Anyway, I’m fairly woeful at darts sober and after the first few throws ploughing darts into my desk, I started hitting the board! I didn’t actually hit any of the names though … but I came close!

So hold on to your hats people …

The winning destination to go on the trip list is …

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte!


… Now let’s all go Wikipedia that place! Dartboard challenge—Philippines


2 responses to “Philippines

    • Hi Silver! Yes, I thought I’d spice it up a little with a dartboard challenge … a coin toss is a good (and cheaper) idea … wish I had thought of that! Now that you know where I reside on WordPress you will definitely have to offer your suggestions on destinations. Yeah, the Philippines is my first stop and I hope to stay a few weeks so I will put your suggestions on the list! 🙂


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