Sigh …

Um … where did the weekend go? I mean, I remember having take-out Thai on Friday night … time warp through to Sunday … then I hear the devastating news that no girl or possibly guy wants to hear; Dr Doug (Or plain old George Clooney to you non ER followers) has tied the knot to some chic who just happens to be gorgeous and amazing at everything! Say it ain’t so George?

In other news, I believe I have become slightly addicted to buying ultra light dry sack bags on eBay for my trip. These bags neatly compartmentalise items in your bag; and yes, they are awesome … and no, I really do not believe having purchased 10 dry sack bags already … on top of the 3 I just bought today would be considered buying compulsion.

… Now what else can I buy on eBay that I really don’t need …

To travel is to awaken


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