Palau challenge

A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.

~John B. Priestly

Hello peeps! The more I read about Palau, the sooner I want to say to my boss ‘Screw work, I’m taking long service leave and I’m buggering off!’. I’m quite taken with the amount of scuba diving destinations there are to check out.

So, I jotted down the places to visit and things to do, and my trusty sidekick Dan (who is the editor here at work) prepped the dartboard and I threw those darts. I threw them hard. My throwing was … amaze-balls.

The winners are:

Jellyfish Lake
Blue Corner
The floor (Yes, I still am quite rubbish at throwing)
Giant Clam city
Ngardmau Falls
Stone monoliths

… But to be perfectly honest, I think I’m going to stick around Palau and see as much as I can. I’m genuinely quite taken with this place. So, on account of a technicality, I rule that … that’s what I’m so going to do …

Oh, and by the way, I seem to have been unanimously nominated by the universe for the ‘I no likie your post today’ award for Monday’s attempt at a post. Yes peeps, yours truly won! I received not one like; not a sausage! But I did gain a follower.

So, I’m sorry I underwhelmed you on Monday. I was off my game and I promise to do better; try harder; run faster and jump higher.

Later gators!

Dartboard challenge Palau


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